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Gray Fly Gray Day

Gray Fly Gray Day

At eight 8 a.m.,it’s rainy, windy, and about as gray as it gets on my end of the bays.
Like that famous fly tier once said, “it is a good day to tie”, and so tie away I will.
It’s a good time to build up some inventory for my new Polish Ghost, isopod/amphipod style of soft hackle fly that I think will be swimming off the shelves once I do a little more research fishing to prove it’s not just some fluke(funny?) that the sea-run cutthroat gobbled them up, like the guests at the incredible Thanksgiving dinner my friend Lisa Hames invited me to, and about the same fishing time too.
If you’re wondering about the name of the fly, I’m Polish, and like many of my Polish/Italian family and friends, we’re easy to remember and maybe a little hard to forget, hence the name.
Some of us regular winter cutthroat fly fishermen who have been practicing for a long time often see fish in the Winter appearing to be chasing something just below the surface, and yet we see no fish-type small bait, and often wonder what they are feeding on, and often wonder why we can’t “match the hatch” and catch them fish?
Some research says the polychaete worms of the Pacific hatch in December/January, which could be why we caught a lot of larger cutthroat on worm patterns last December/January?
I haven’t done enough research yet to know when copepods, amphipods, Isopods, and euphausiid type creatures all hatch, but I have a very strong feeling many of them are swarming in groups and being pulled in and out, and along the shoreline’s and estuaries we fish by the tidal currents some of these Winter months, and that may be one of the reasons my new “Polish” Ghost series of fly patterns has been catching a lot of fish lately? Past research by other fishermen and fisheries scientist has proven that sea-run cutthroat trout feed on all the above creatures.
Obviously more research and development is necessary before I can say this is one of my go-to patterns, but I am going to it every day I can get out on the water to see if any of our layman’s theories pan out?
In the meantime I’m going to tie a few dozen and then go and tie one on!
I’m fishing in the rain, fishing in the rain , what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again.

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