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Mending, At Home And On The Bay

Mending, At Home And On The Bay
I finally got some new meds this week from the Vets and seem to be on the mend. Nowhere near par yet but hopefully back in the game and lookin’ to improve my cutthroat fishing score.
As you can see in the photos, I stuck my stuffed up nose out there the other day in between the recent rain and wind storms, but only saw one lone cutthroat jump within casting distance and it just gave me the fin as if to say, “sorry Charlie, it still ain’t yer day”. I probably shouldn’t have been out there anyway as I still wasn’t feeling very well, but I needed to touch the healing waters. Never touched a fish but it was good to be out there.
I’ve been tying flies every day as part of the mending process as well as trying to stay fortified with good eats, so when I feel good enough to get out chasing cutthroat I’m well nourished and well stocked with fresh flies!
I’ve been seeing some reports on Facebook of some beautiful cutthroat being caught this week by quite a few of my fishing friends and acquaintances. I have been envious to say the least, but I’m hoping to get out today for some missed time on the water.
My son max is supposed to come by today for some post birthday and Christmas celebration that we had to put off due to sickness, but I think we’re both feeling well enough to get out on the water for a couple hours and make up for a little lost father and son and fishing time.
May the fish god’s be with us, and you too!
Stay tuned , it’s that time of the year when you never know what beautiful presents might be lying under the trees just down current of your last cast.

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